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This website is the property of NOVIEURO S.L.U. It is used to provide information about the collections produced by the LUNA NOVIAS brand and as a means of making contact with the company.


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NOVIEURO S.L.U will be held liable solely and exclusively for damages and losses deriving from actions performed or information provided by it. In accordance with the Spanish Civil Code, it will not be held liable for actions performed by third parties.


In accordance with applicable law, NOVIEURO S.L.U may claim against failure to comply with these general terms and conditions and against any extra-contractual actions deriving in damages and losses.


NOVIEURO S.L.U reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notification the content of the website and configuration thereof and at discretion may restrict, suspend or impede access to it in full or in part.

NOVIEURO S.L.U reserves the right to cancel users’ accounts, usernames and passwords at discretion in cases in which circumstances indicate that the purpose of usage thereof may be presumed to be unlawful. In this respect, users will be held fully liable for and accept all obligations deriving from use of the services offered by the website and accessed via the aforementioned account, username and password, as well as all those deriving from use thereof by third parties accessing the website via the user’s password.

In accordance with Spanish law, NOVIEURO S.L.U will provide the competent authorities with all information required for legal purposes if compelled to do so by court order.


The brands and designs featured on this website, as well as all content, images, videos, trademarks, photographs, designs, logotypes, domain names and analogous material, including the website design and source code, are the property of NOVIEURO S.L.U. As such, they may not be modified, copied, altered, reproduced, adapted or translated by users or third parties without the prior express authorisation of NOVIEURO S.L.U and/or the holders of the corresponding rights.

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In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on protection of personal data, and in accordance with the regulations implementing it, users of the website are informed that the personal data provided via on-line queries and/or request forms will be processed automatically and will be held in files belonging to and maintained by NOVIEURO S.L.U.

Company name: NOVIEURO, S.L.U.


VAT No: B-61969895

Tel.: 902 202 702



In general, the services provided by NOVIEURO S.L.U via the private area of the website are only available to users who have accepted the terms and conditions expressly stated on the registration form prior to registering with the website. This form requires users to submit personal data that will be held in absolute confidentiality and used exclusively for the purposes indicated, as per Law 15/1999 of 13 December 1999 on protection of personal data, such purposes being operation of the services provided, processing of requests and performance of administrative tasks, either directly via NOVIEURO S.L.U or via companies that, although not part of NOVIEURO S.L.U, have service contracts with it.

The data contained therein may also be used to manage and maintain the relationship with users; to provide information by post or email about our business, products and services; to inform users about new offers or promotions; and to conduct market research and compile statistics.

Responding to forms or questionnaires with a view to establishing a relationship with the organisation is completely voluntary. However, users’ refusal to provide certain data may result in the organisation refusing to provide the specific service requested.

In all cases, NOVIEURO S.L.U assures the security of user data and applies the standards of security stipulated by applicable legislation for this purpose, employing as many technical and organisational means as required to prevent the loss, improper use or alteration of data and unauthorised access thereto.

In general, the data collected are those requested in the following:

Contact form: Used to submit queries and restricted to the user’s name and email address.

‘Work with us’ form: Used to collect the names and email addresses of users interested in working with the organisation.

‘Make an appointment’ form: Used to collect enough personal data to enable NOVIEURO S.L.U or its associates to arrange an appointment.

Registration form: Used to collect enough accurate personal data to create a user profile and provide access to the private area of the website. Users are issued with a username and password, both of which are required to access the website’s private area.

Some data may be transferred to brands or organisations under contractual relationships with NOVIEURO S.L.U, as acknowledged and approved by users on the ‘Make an appointment’ form. To this end, NOVIEURO S.L.U establishes clauses in the service contracts it enters into with these organisations under which they undertake to comply with established and applicable data protection legislation and to guarantee that all such data will be processed in accordance with the provisions established by law.

Users may contact NOVIEURO S.L.U at any time to exercise their rights to access, modify, delete and, if applicable, challenge the personal data held on them.


VAT No: B-61969895

Tel.: 902 202 702



The terms and conditions, as well as any annexes, if applicable, set forth in the legal disclaimer will be subject to Spanish law and jurisdiction. All disputes arising from the present terms and conditions will be settled by the courts of law of Barcelona, Spain unless the law provides otherwise.

In compliance with the provisions of the law on information society and e-commerce services currently in effect, NOVIEURO S.L.U hereby provides the following information:

Company name: NOVIEURO, S.L.U.


VAT No: B-61969895

Tel.: 902 202 702

Register entry: Memorandum of Association No 2320 executed before notary public Mr Amador Lopez Baliña on 04/05/1995.


NOVIEURO S.L.U employs every reasonable measure to ensure that the information obtained via its website is accurate and correct.



In no case will failure by NOVIEURO S.L.U to exercise its rights be understood to constitute a waiver thereof.

The headings of these terms and conditions are merely informative and do not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation thereof.

If any of the clauses of these terms and conditions were to be declared void, abusive or inapplicable in full or in part by a judicial or administrative body, such declaration would solely affect the clause in question. This clause would be considered non-applicable and the declaration of a single clause as void, abusive or inapplicable would not extend under any circumstances to the other terms and conditions, which would persist.